No Shot No Drill Method for Fixing Your Teeth – Laser Dentistry in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeffery Hartman from Smiles For Life Dentistry in Huntingdon, PA. I’m excited to share my years of experience using lasers in dentistry, using a comfortable water cooled laser we’re able to vaporize tooth decay quickly and painlessly many times the laser eliminates the need for a shot in fact the laser replaces […]

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Mercury Free Dentistry at Smiles for Life Dentistry in Huntingdon, PA

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeffrey Hartman. I’ve been practicing mercury free and holistic dentistry since 1988. As political and government agencies continue the debate over how much toxic mercury’s okay, we took the common sense approach at Smiles for Life Dentistry in Huntingdon, PA years ago. My first priority is to do no harm to my […]

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