Client Testimonial from Huntingdon Patient with Lyme Disease

Dear Dr. Hartman,

We would like to thank you and your staff for the personal and loving care you have given our family during the most unexpected and difficult needs that have unfolded for us this past year. It has been traumatizing to experience Lyme disease and to face all of the physical devastation let alone the politics that make it very challenging and difficult to treat and provide for; particularly when it has gone undetected for so many years. We are grateful the Lord raised a Godly man to serve His people through integrative destiny; and we are thankful for the team-staff that supports your practice.

From the beginning, Sandy took time to talk with us. She couldn’t be more suited in serving her gifts with your practice. She helped educate us about the things that were so very new in integrative dentistry. She took time to pray with Diana out of compassion when she saw her grief of watching Heather suffer so much day after day.

Shiloh went the extra mile to help with insurance challenges that continue to be an issue for all parts of Heather’s Lyme treatment. It is the reason we have to enter the political era now. We appreciate her kindness and working with us.

Angelina has been gracious as your front line warrior. She has helped navigate all of our appointments in the midst of meeting your office needs and working with our incredible travel for Lyme appointments each week. We appreciate her understanding and compassion.

Michelle and Chris were precious ministering angels to Heather (and Diana). They understood and cared that Heather was coming in pain and that the work in her mouth which was intended to help; exacerbated what she was already trying to navigate because of this mysterious Lyme. Both women were so gentle and kind. As parents, we appreciate that so very much. To know that others come alongside to help make the experience the best that it can be under the difficulty of the circumstances helps us trust the Lord to care for her. We all feel relief that she is past this and that the mercury is soon history.

Heather & Shannon have gone out of their way to make Diana feel special, taking a personal interest in how she is doing in the midst of what our family is going through, while taking care of her needs.

Dr. Hartman we are grateful for your training that has now been used to help our family take one more step forward. It has been admittedly very costly. None of us knows, no matter how good a steward what will be permitted in our faith journey on this earth; but, we are grateful to the Lord for promising to never leave us in the midst of it. Too much He has given, much is demanded. He is entrusting each of us to do our part.

We do not know what lies ahead for Heather. There is much more to learn and to do to take care of what the Lyme has caused her body. We ask you to remember her in prayer. She belongs to the Lord and He has His purposes for calling her and us to carry this cup for Him. We need to rely on His team to be able to do that. Know that you have been a part of something very special. And stay tuned. He’s not finished with us yet.

Being reminded that the Lord is faithful and always with us is a reassurance we all need to help encourage each other. It goes far beyond our little circles. And each patient is an opportunity to minister Christ to. We never know that God will call us to- both in the giving and the receiving. But, it makes all the difference in our ability to carry it when He surrounds us with brothers and sisters in Christ. It is comforting to see how He beings that about. He led us to you.

If you or a loved one ever find ourselves in need with regard to suspecting Lyme, please call us. We are well researched and equipped to help others now and the Lord is making good use of the things He has led us through. We want to be a light for Him through this.
In Christ’s love,
The Holtrys

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