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Welcome to Smiles for Life Dentistry – A Biological Dental Practice by Jeffery D. Hartman, D.M.D., PC., Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

The health of the mouth is a reflection of a person’s total well being. Understanding your life style allows the health-centered practice to assist in guiding you to optimal dental health.

Dr. Hartman is a holistic general dentist in Huntingdon, PA who believes dental patients today increasingly take more responsibility for their own oral healthcare. He knows they tend to be well read, educated by previous dental experiences, and more discriminating in their choice of dental treatment methods. He has a desire to help health-minded patients achieve optimum wellness. Dr. Hartman wants to teach these patients that much more is known about the interactions between the teeth and the whole body functions, about the negative effects of many materials and about the alternatives that are more biologically compatible then the traditional methods.

Dr. Hartman has the knowledge and understands the properties and proper placement techniques required for using more advanced materials. The Smiles for Life health-centered dental office in Hungtingdon, PA has compiled educational materials, new methods and techniques and alternatives to better serve our patients.

Dr. Hartman is able to help you with a variety of dental and holistic services. Click on the links below to learn more about each service:

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