Holistic Approach to Dentistry in Huntingdon County, PA

Hi I’m Dr. Jeffery Hartman from Smiles for Life Total Health Dentistry in Huntingdon, PA.

Are you tired of getting cavities? Modern dentistry has become very efficient at plugging holes that germs eat in your teeth.

But did you know that cavities are only the symptom of an infectious disease.  Why keep throwing money at the symptoms? At Smiles for Life Total Health Dentistry we practice a holistic approach to dentistry we want to free you from the dental disease process that causes cavities not just pack filling in your teeth and wait for you to come back in 6 – 12 months with more cavities. Our holistic dentistry approach will help you discover how to eliminate dental disease like tooth decay from your life.

I’m Dr. Jeffery Hartman and I’m proud to offer total health dentistry so you can experience a pleasing healthy smile for life learn more because dental care is more than just your teeth it’s about total body wellness visit Drhartmandentistry.com.

For more information about holistic dentistry call us at (814)-643-9414  or visit or dental website at www.DrHartmanDentistry.com

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