Mercury Free Dentistry at Smiles for Life Dentistry in Huntingdon, PA

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeffrey Hartman. I’ve been practicing mercury free and holistic dentistry since 1988. As political and government agencies continue the debate over how much toxic mercury’s okay, we took the common sense approach at Smiles for Life Dentistry in Huntingdon, PA years ago. My first priority is to do no harm to my dental patients. My training as a biochemist taught me that all permanently placed foreign materials have some effect on a person’s immune system. I specialize in evaluating all dental materials for compatibility for you personally.

Why risk having a toxic or allergenic material placed in your mouth.   The possibility of an allergic response is on the label of many dental materials and I take those manufacture labels seriously. We give you the opportunity to have your personal response to dental materials tested before they’re placed in your mouth.  There is a healthier approach to dental care.  Learn more at

I’m Dr. Jeffery Hartman from Smiles For Life Dentistry, 524 Washington Street, Huntingdon. Dental care is more than just about your teeth, it’s about total body wellness, visit

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