No Shot No Drill Method for Fixing Your Teeth – Laser Dentistry in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeffery Hartman from Smiles For Life Dentistry in Huntingdon, PA. I’m excited to share my years of experience using lasers in dentistry, using a comfortable water cooled laser we’re able to vaporize tooth decay quickly and painlessly many times the laser eliminates the need for a shot in fact the laser replaces the use of the drill for many situations.

If you’d like to experience the no shot no drill method of fixing your teeth I’d be happy to add you to my list of satisfied dental laser patients many patients are surprised how quickly the laser procedures are completed.

They’re excited to be able to leave without that numb lip or face feeling. You’ll love the experience that laser dentistry technology can give you and your family.

Imagine your children growing up without the experience of a dental drill or a dental shot, laser dentistry provided by Smiles for Life Dentistry in Huntingdon, PA can be one of the greatest health care gifts you can give your children or yourself to learn more about the comfort of laser dentistry visit or call us at (814)-643-9414.

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