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Bad breath, bleeding gums, unsightly deposits on your teeth. Hi, I’m Doctor Jeffrey Hartman from Smiles for Life Dentistry in Huntington, PA. These are some of the obvious signs of periodontal or gum disease. At our dental office in Huntingdon, we go a step further in helping you cure your gum disease rather than just manage these symptoms. We use a phase contrast microscope that allows us to identify the bacteria that puts you at risk for gum disease. This special microscope allows for the live viewing of the specific bacteria in your mouth.

Why wait until the bacteria has caused damage to your gums and possibly your heart and vascular system?

Recent research has shown that significant cardiovascular (heart) disease is related to this silent infection in your mouth.

Our “Total Health Dentistry” approach provides a simple inexpensive method of monitoring for bacteria that cause damage to the blood vessels of your gums and throughout your body I believe that you deserve to treat this infection before the damage occurs. Learn more about this simple screening test that takes the guest work out of evaluating your dental health and its effect on your total body health.

For more information about periodontal or gum disease call us at (814)-643-9414  or visit or dental website at www.DrHartmanDentistry.com.

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