Oral Health Awareness Campaign in Hungintdon, PA

 Dr. Jeffery Hartman is conducting a local awareness campaign to warn consumers about the risks of putting off dental checkups and treatment.

Dr. Jeffery Hartman of Smiles for Life in Huntingdon, PA is launching a local consumer awareness campaign to alert members of the community about the potential risks of postponing dental appointments and neglecting oral health.

According to Dr. Jeffery Hartman, “There’s no denying that the last several years have been tough financially for many Huntingdon residents. The current economic climate is causing many people to either postpone the treatment plans recommended by their dentists, or to put off dental visits altogether. Unfortunately, there are long-term health risks associated with postponing oral care.”

Some of the risks that Dr. Jeffery Hartman is referring to include the following:

  •  Tooth decay is a progressive disease. Postponing treatment can lead to more complex, more expensive treatment, such as a root canal or extraction.
  •  Tooth decay is a communicable disease. Your untreated cavities can be spread to your loved ones.
  •  Recent studies have linked undiagnosed and untreated periodontal disease with a negative impact on patients with heart disease, diabetes, and other systemic health conditions.
  •  Chronic bad breath is usually due to conditions that may be easily prevented by regular oral hygiene appointments and consultation.

“With so many people looking for jobs or worried about their job security, it must be noted that having bad breath and discolored, damaged, or missing teeth are the kiss of death in today’s competitive job market,” explains Dr. Jeffery Hartman. “Your smile is the first thing employers, managers, and co-workers notice.”

“The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body and its overall health. If more people realized this, they would prioritize their discretionary spending accordingly. Choosing between undergoing periodontal disease treatment and buying a new cell phone would become a no-brainer.”

  • Dental professionals are primarily focused on prevention when their patients allow them to do so. However, many wait until emergency conditions such as pain prevail. By this time, the course of treatment is more invasive and costly.
  • Most dentists offer third party financing. Ask about how to fill out the paperwork to see if you are a candidate.
  • Talk to your dentist about prioritizing your treatment plan. Ask what needs to be done immediately and what can wait until you have more discretionary income.

“Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait is a very important national initiative with the ultimate goal of sustaining and improving oral health in America,” explained Dr. Jeffery Hartman. “I’m very proud to do my part and spread the message within my local community.”

Dr. Jeffery Hartman is a member of American Dental Association, Pennsylvania Dental Association, American Orthodontic Society, Holistic Dental Association, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and the International Association of Mercury Free Dentists. Dr. Hartman is a certified Invisalign (invisible braces) provider.  He and his wife Amy are blessed with four children and have raised them in Huntingdon County for the last 30 years.

For more information about the Oral Health you can contact Dr. Jeffery Hartman at (814)-643-9414 or (800)-732-9630; visit our Huntingdon Dental Office at 524 Washington Street • Huntingdon, PA 16652; or visit www.drhartmandentistry.com.

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