Huntingdon County Patient Explains Why You Should Replace Amalgam Mercury Fillings

November 12, 2004

On February 2, 2004, I had three teeth filled.  The type of filling used by the dentist, though I was not aware of it at the time, was amalgam mercury.  Several weeks later I began to feel extremely weak.  In fact, I began to think that somehow I had contracted chronic fatigue syndrome since I could hardly coax myself out of bed.

Betty, my wife, is an avid reader of material concerning health matters.  Just at this time an article fell into her hands about the dangers of amalgam dental fillings and we recognized the symptoms described as identical to mine.  In subsequent information that we obtained, Dr. Jeffery Hartman’s name, address, and phone number was given to us as a dentist highly qualified to successfully remove amalgam fillings and replace them with white ones.

At this point Dr. Hartman has removed all the amalgam that I had accumulated through the years and my health was immensely improved.  I have found Dr. Hartman’s entire staff to be very well trained and efficient not only in dental practice but in related skills.  I have gone to the as well for detoxification and currently am taking treatments to rid by body of heavy metals.  From a state of being weak and sickly I am now able once more to be active, do not work outside such as use the weed eater and hedge clippers, in spite of my 81 years.


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