Huntingdon Patient Explains the Hazards of Mercury Fillings

February  7, 2005

Dear Dr. Hartman and Staff,

Over the years I developed a number of vague, unexplained symptom, none of which were understood or addressed by our family doctors, but had sharply reduced my physical and mental capacities both from professional and social standpoints.  These symptoms included difficulties with long and short term memory, fatigue, ringing in the ears, a weakened immune system, poor indigestion, irregular hormone levels, and reduced coordination.  As a mother of three, with a husband who traveled regularly, this was devastating.  I learned two years ago that an autoimmune thyroid disease had set in many years ago and had become quite advanced.  Since that time, I’ve worked with the appropriate diet, allergy treatments, supplements, and thyroid medications, assuming the problems would resolve.

However, fatigue, a tendency to drop things, ringing in the ears, and sharply reduced mental alertness persisted despite therapy.  I changed doctors and underwent numerous types of testing that indicated I had a very high level of mercury in my system, in addition to varying levels of inappropriate electrical current stemming from amalgam fillings.

It’s hard to accept the idea that dental treatment can compromise one’s health so severely, so I was reluctant to immediately have my fillings removed by a specialist.  Working with a nutritionist, I began a regimen of supplements and foods that would absorb and reduce the mercury levels in my body, and took additional measures to detoxify my body and heavy metals through the skin.  It was clearly beneficial and improved my energy and alertness… up to a point.  I quickly realized that any gains I made by doing these things were quickly lost if I experienced a week or ever a few days where I couldn’t get hard exercise and follow the diet/supplement recommendations.

After finding your office, I decided to have my individual teeth tested and follow your recommendations for amalgam removal. In just two days after the first fillings were removed, I woke up with a mental clarity I hadn’t experienced in over 15 years!  In addition to this, my energy level began to improve immediately. It has only been a few weeks, yet my energy level is at least high as it was in my 20s!

Results from your treatment have been phenomenal and opens up my life to possibilities that hadn’t existed for years.  The amalgam removal, combined with continuing the appropriate measures to remove heavy metals, has undone a set of symptoms that took years to develop in a remarkably short time.

Even though it was initially difficult to accept the expense of this treatment, I find I’ll be able to avoid taking supplements that helped manage my mercury levels within a few months.  Additionally, it’s a very small investment when I consider the quality of life this treatment affords me, as well as the professional opportunities it open up for my future.

It’s frustrating to think of how many other lives have been and continue to be so negatively affected by deteriorating amalgam fillings.  It’s also very heartwarming to know there is a team of people in Huntingdon willing to take the risk of steady exposure to such harmful materials in order to make life so very much better for others.

Your efforts on my behalf are appreciated by my entire family.  Please accept my deepest thank you.  If there is any way I can help get word out to people of the hazards of amalgam fillings, please do not hesitate to ask.



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