Patient from Huntingdon County Explains the Results of Replacing Mercury Fillings

To Dr. Hartman and Staff,

When I had talked to John the other week, he said he’d like a copy of the letter I wrote to my cousin about my experience with mercury fillings, so I decided to write your own letter.  It’s been at least 15 years ago when I first started losing my voice.  At first it was every few years that I would lose my voice, then it increased to once a year, then twice a year, and the last ½ year prior to the removal of my fillings I lost my voice at least three times.  It used to be up to three weeks that I couldn’t even make a sound when I tried to talk and when it did start coming back it took weeks until it even sounded normal.  Every time the doctor said I had laryngitis and bronchitis.  The antibiotics and not using my voice, never seemed to help much.  In the last year I had a pulmonary test done and they said I had, COPD, so the doctor started me on two different inhalers.  I actually seemed to get worse after that as in just a matter of weeks I lost my voice again and it took me longer to recover my voice than ever.  So I quit the inhalers.  I was sent to a nose, throat and ear specialist and also was on steroids for a short time.  But he couldn’t find anything wrong.  He said I just must have had a very bad case of laryngitis and he said just rest your voice two more weeks and it should be okay, but I wasn’t.  It took several weeks until I even sounded somewhat normal.  I always thought my problem went deeper than just laryngitis.  I was off from work so much that last half year my coworkers actually though I had cancer.  I know they were concerned and meant it well when they said something.  But in no way was I planning to go back to the doctors, as they didn’t help me with anything, and I didn’t feel like they understood my problems.

I also was always very pale and could never gain any weight no matter how much on what I ate, and I was so fatigued a lot of the times.  I felt really discouraged some of the times, at least half of the year and prayed that God would give me wisdom and guide me to someone that could help me if it was His will.  I had a “BTA” test done in that last year that had showed my body was extremely stressed with heavy metals, but at the time I wasn’t really thinking of my fillings in my teeth yet.  I had been to a reflexologist just a few weeks before I called your office for an appointment- We were discussing my health problems and I had mentioned my test I had done showed my body was extremely stressed with heavy metals, and we got on the subject of “amalgam fillings”.  They very much recommended me to have my fillings replaced and said I better not wait too long.

I talked to a few people who had it done, and they said it made them feel much better.  I originally planned to go elsewhere, but then I talked with Mrs. Elvin and she told me she thinks people have gotten better results at Dr. Hartman’s office.  So I prayed about it and felt God led me to you.  I will tell anybody that the removal of my fillings certainly has made a great change in my health.  In two years since I’ve had it done, I haven’t even lost my voice one time and my sinus problems are much less!  Also I’m not pale all the time like I used to be.  My face has a lot more color too and the first time in 12 years I have gained some weight.  I am not nearly so tired all the time either.

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful work you do!  I highly recommend your office to anybody.  You are such a caring staff.

Love in Christ,


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