The Great Effects of Removing Mercury Fillings- Huntingdon Patient Testimonial from Smiles for Life

Dear Dr. Hartman,

Two weeks ago after you finished removing the amalgam from the upper left of my mouth a remarkable thing happened to me.

Over the recent years I have been slowly losing some peripheral vision.  It seemed reasonable to assume this was the result of my age.  During the past ten years a strong ringing developed in my left ear.  The same had happened with my right ear over the past 20 plus years.  The ringing just never stops and I have grown to ignore it.  However, one practical result of these two factors is that I have found it be more stressful to drive, especially in confusing traffic patterns because my lack of good hearing and reduced peripheral vision makes me feel insecure about surprises coming at me from the sides with no way to sense the incursion.

About two hours following your work on the upper left of my mouth, we were driving in the countryside on a clear and bright day.  Suddenly, my eyes started feelings like something was moving them around right in the sockets.  My sinuses felt as though a river was rushing through (although my nose did not run).  My throat started to tighten and a headache started to invade—although it never really took hold.  I became alarmed thinking something was really going wrong.  I told my wife she might have to take over the driving and we might need to seek medical attention.

The sensation mounted to the above description over a period about 20 minutes.  Then just as suddenly as it started, it stopped I an instant.  Immediately, I sensed a wider range of peripheral vision and the ringing in my left ear was gone.  It was like a new and bright day with better sight and hearing.

This improved condition has persisted since—and I am hearing certain sounds that had been lost years ago.

My wife and I are very grateful to God that you have given yourself to this profession and have mastered the discipline.  We are the beneficiaries to your investment.  Thank you

Robert and Karen

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