Tooth Decay and Soda in Huntingdon County

Think before you grab that soda or bottled iced tea! Think about the enamel on your teeth. Whether you are from in Huntingdon, PA or another state, you all know soda is not good for your shapely figure, due to the empty calories. You also know that the sugars in regular sodas and diet sodas cause tooth decay. A typical 12 ounce can of soda contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar. In diet soda, the sugar is just replaced with a sugar substitute that still has the same effects on your teeth as regular soda. Although, if tooth decay is not enough to deter you of the sweet comforts of soda and other canned drinks, maybe this study will.

A pilot study of the effects that some of the carbonated and non-carbonated beverages had on enamel, appearing in the July/August 2004 issue of General Dentistry, found that over time, exposing dental enamel to these drinks weakens and permanently destroys tooth enamel. Results from the study, which exposed healthy dental enamel to a variety of popular beverages over a period of 14 days, found that non – colas and canned iced tea were especially harmful regarding tooth decay. They contain flavor additives, such as malic, tartaric, and other acids, which are aggressive at eroding teeth causing tooth decay. Root beer, which contains the least amount of flavor additives, was found to be the “safest soft drink to safeguard dental enamel.”

What is erosion? Heard of the Grand Canyon? That’s erosion, over millions of year’s water eroded a giant hole in the earth. Scale down in size; imagine the tooth decay damage acid can due on your little teeth. I know you are not going to live millions of years, but acid has 98% more erosion ability than water.

Think about your teeth and how every sip of liquid acid is wearing away your enamel causing tooth decay. Acid dissolves enamel. Soda can be used to clean metal, even your kitchen sink. Enamel erosion causes recession of the gums, notching out at the gum line, and weakens the enamel so that tooth decay can occur faster. One more thought to wrap your brain around. If this is what acid is doing to your strong hard enamel, what is it doing to your insides – your soft tissue?

Some tips that can help reduce tooth decay and the damages. To prevent tooth decay drink soda only at meals. Don’t continuously sip, if you’re going to drink it, drink it all at one time. By sipping, you are constantly bathing your teeth in fresh acid causing tooth decay. Drink through a straw. Talk to your dentist or hygienist in Huntingdon, PA about erosion and discuss the effects it has had in your mouth. Think before you drink.

For more information about tooth decay and the effects of soda, or questions you can contact Heather Metzler RDH at Smiles for Life, Jeffery Hartman, DMD, PC in Huntingdon, PA at (814)643-9414.

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