Top 10 Tips Your Dentist in Huntingdon County Wants YOU to Know

Many people have anxiety about going to the dentist. These 10 tips can help put you on the right path to good dental health:

1. An Oral Cancer Screening could save your life. Every hour of every day, someone dies of oral cancer in the United States. This fact is very sad because, most oral cancers are curable if diagnosed early.

2. Gum (Periodontal) Disease affects your overall health. Gum disease is one of the main causes of tooth loss in adults and has been linked to heart disease stroke and diabetes. The inflammatory response that gum disease creates affects all our organs.

3. Dental cleanings and check ups are extremely important. Maintenance is the most important factor with almost everything, from your lawn mower to all aspects of your health. Neglect to your dental maintenance will catch up with you, and the price is going to be your health and in your wallet.

4. Brush you teeth with an electric toothbrush is more effective than a manual brush. Studies have shown that an electric (not battery powered) toothbrush is 48% more effective at removing plaque and bacteria. The more plaque and “bugs” removed from your mouth the less “bugs” you have swimming around causing damage in your mouth and your entire body. Yes, those “bugs” do travel from your mouth into your bloodstream and through your entire body. Kill them before them kill you.

5. Bad breath can be the result of a dental problem. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to your dentist or hygienist, we are here to help. One great tip is to brush your tongue and back as far as you can without gagging, of course.

6. Proper nutrition is important for good dental health. You are want you eat. If you fill yourself with junk foods, you bodies output will be just that, Junk! Do you have low energy, tired a lot; need a lot of sleep, or feel stressed out. Check your fuel – what are you eating that is making you feel this way. Rid your diet of sugar, caffeine, and white flour for two weeks and see how you feel.

7. Dental problems do not get better or go away without treatment. If your dentist gives you a treatment plan for dental work that you need to have done, your focus needs to be on getting it done as soon as possible. Cavities do not stay the same size for long, they grow and get bigger. The bigger they get the bigger the chunk they are going to take out of your wallet. Remember cavities are caused by “bugs” and they will continue to eat your tooth away until treatment is completed.

8. Most women have never considered the thought that hormonal changes that they experience through their lives do influence their gums and oral health.

9. Change your toothbrush or brush head for our electric tooth brushers every 4 months. Rinse your brush with iodine to kill bacteria on a daily basis.

10. Maintaining good dental health is easier than neglect. The time and money you will save in good maintenance will ALWAYS out weigh the cost of poor dental health. Remember poor dental health is also poor total health.

For more questions or concerns about these top ten tips,  please contact us or visit our website.  Smiles for Life Total Health Dentistry, office of Dr Jeffery Hartman at 814-643-9414, and our staff will be pleased to assist your needs.

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