Trick or Treat Don’t Rot Your Teeth in Huntingdon County

Every kid loves to trick or treat, so what is the problem? Eating a ton of candy, and then not brushing your teeth will rot your teeth. The number of children with cavities has declined dramatically since 1970 because of the amount of improved awareness which has shown that oral health is a  key element in overall good health. Education for the parents has lead to consistent dental visits, use of sealants (protective covering placed on the chewing surface of the tooth by a dentist or hygienist), awareness of baby bottle decay, and nutrition changes that have lead to the declined in decay for the younger children in America.

Teeth were made to last a lifetime, and dental experts say that if you help your children take good care of their teeth, they should last just that – a lifetime. Educating them and showing them the value of their teeth is our job as parents. Diet plays a key role in your child’s dental health and overall health and will rot your teeth. Much of tooth decay results from sugar-laden foods and drinks that stick to the teeth and feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay. A way to prevent the rot your teeth, is by starving the bacteria will make them die and unable to rot your teeth . Remember white bread, flour, rice, and milk contains sugar, so balance your diet and limit the sugars of all types. Try to create a food dairy and write all the foods and drinks you consume in a day, week and month. Then review that dairy and see your needs to make changes. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with an anti-microbial mouth rinse three times daily is the key to not rot your teeth.

Keep treats as treats for special occasions only to keep for having it rot your teeth. Your children will enjoy them even more that way, and not . After snacking, immediately brush that sticky bacteria food off your teeth. Have a happy and safe Halloween with a few treats and a few minutes with your toothbrush.

For more questions or concerns about tooth decay,  please contact us or visit our website.  Smiles for Life Total Health Dentistry, office of Dr Jeffery Hartman at 814-643-9414, and our staff will be pleased to assist your needs.

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